The Importance Of Decision Making Styles

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In everyday life, everyone has to make decisions. Sometimes decisions are important and affect a lot of people. Therefore, the decisions maker should be careful when making these kinds of decisions. According to “Lesson 2 Problem Solving: Look for Solutions” there are many different decision-making styles. I have found out that my primary decision-making style is the examining style, which means “tak[ing] a great deal of time to understand every possible option”. It also depends on using my brain to analyze and understand the problem and the facts that I have researched.
I think the benefits of this style are that I have to be realistic and take advantage of the facts that I have. For example, when I had to decide about my studies in the United States of America, I had two choices to make, whether to study at PCC or at PSU. I started gathering information about both schools, trying to understand each one’s system clearly, choosing the best school to study at, and then I had to think about the alternative school that I might study at if I was not admitted to the first one. The examining style was effective for me because this style helped me know and understand each school’s requirements and routine, so I was able to choose what was best for me with my educational program.
In my opinion, the only disadvantage of the examining style is the waste of time that happens when gathering information and generating solutions. For instance, when I had to make a decision about my