Gay Parents Shouldn T Provide A Healthy Home For Children

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There are currently and estimated 500,000 kids without parents and permanent homes nationally according to Orphanages cannot care for this vast amount of children in, fact last year the sate desperately needed 100,000 kids adopted but only 20,000 were granted families stated on It is baffling that with so many kids in need of homes why are we preventing them from being adopted by perfectly capable adults due to the adult’s sexuality.

Some people say that gay parents couldn’t provide a healthy home for children. There are several different reasons some people feel this way. The first belief is that children need a mother and a father to be raised properly. It is perfectly understandable to feel that children need a strong maternal and masculine influence in their life. Still, to say that a child depends on this as a major part of their development and therefor is a reason to restrict gays from adopting is ridiculous. Keeping a child in the foster care system is unreasonable. There are two main facts that support these feelings of disapproval. The first fact is the extraordinary and non-oddity that is single parents. There are already many families that consist of only a mother or a father leading the family. Those families with one parent are perfectly happy ones. And so family’s with two parents (of the same sex or not) should only improve the family atmosphere. What with the other parent being able to assist financially and proved much needed sanity breaks for their partner. The second fact being the soul-eating abyss that is the foster care system. The foster care system is not a very nice system that tends to produce not so nice children. In fact 35% of kids are arrested while in foster care stated by Philip Defranco. Even if the foster care system was considerably nice it still would be a less happy, less healthy, and less beneficial environment to grow up in.In fact if you look up studies over same sex parents it has been documented that they are actually better at raising kids. Having gay parents can actually provide significant psychological and social benefits to the child according to Corinna Vallianatos writer of” "Gay Parents' Rights Backed”. Despite the research that has been