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Looking forward To My Summer Vacation

I am really excited for summer to start. Even though it’s a short summer I plan on staying busy by wrestling, working out, and go to North Dakota Fargo. It going to be a busy summer and I can’t wait. This summer I will be very busy. I have lots to do it is going to be a short summer. I plan on wrestling, summer school, and training. The first thing I am looking forward is wrestling and lots of it. I need to start to be more determine if I want to go to state and get on the podium. That was always been my goal. Sadly I had ringworm twice! Putting work on offseason will make the better wrestler anything could happen in a year we’ll see who becomes the first state champion for Buena Park High School. Looking forward for next season time to go ham. The Second thing I’m going to do this short summer is summer school. Lately I’ve been getting scholarships for wrestling and school I need to keep that up. Free college is the best college. Any ways I’m going to get geometry so I can take algebra 2 next year. Geometry as a junior no way! I hope it not mostly my summer cause I have plans going to North Dakota Fargo.
Finally I’m going to do this summer is a trip to North Dakota. Why I’m going because nationals for wrestling are there. This is my first year going and I’m pretty excited. I’m going represent California for the first time. I’m going to wrestle other