My Experience For Her Dreams Of Overcoming The LPGA Trip

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Adam Mahnke
PA Scenario One I’m faced with a challenge of working with Sarah to help her achieve her dreams of reaching the LPGA tour. My plan of attack is to assist her with better skills and get her more overall driving experience. I’m going to express to her that it will be a long ride. She should not expect a trophy immediately, but to focus on one aspect of her training at a time. With developing new skills and my help she will eventually meet her goals, and golf will become more enjoyable. When looking at the spheres of physical activity experience I have concluded three spheres would be used in my work with Sarah. For Education, we will be working on motor skills to tweak her swing; we will study films and look at her mechanics. Some things we will look at are possibly a different golf grip, performing and developing a new routine, and most importantly the consistency of the golf swing. We will practice this to get better physical endurance in all aspects. Once she felt more comfortable with her technique, we will find more time for her to relax. Using the sphere of Leisure we would want her to relax so she doesn’t feel so stressed out. We want her to take more time off to do something fun to go on a vacation and for her to not think or breathe golf for a few days. Lastly involving the sphere of Competition, we will talk about both positive and negative aspects of this. I feel she is experiencing the wrong end of it. We want her to be happy to think good thoughts. She is focusing on the negative aspects. She will receive good results when she changes her mind set to a positive one, and not to be so nervous. Instead of thinking of a loss in a bad way, she should take that loss to learn from it, and use that competition to push her to higher goals. Sarah really needs help with her motor performance, so we determined two critical components to guide her to the top. First, would be to concentrate on muscular strength. We would put her on a workout program to get her much stronger. With more strength she will be able to drive the ball much further. A strength schedule would include lunges, pushups, bridges, planks, squats, twists. The energy for your golf swing comes