My First Rifle Essay

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My First Rifle
When I was about thirteen years old, my dad gave me my first rifle, which was a Marlin thirty-thirty lever action carbine. I was so happy that I wanted to go out right then and hunt but my dad told me that I had to take my time and do target practice, then I would have to find the perfect spot to sit, and finally I had to take my time and take the best shot possible. I then though that I would hate what it would take to go hunting because it was at that moment that I realized that not every thing is as easy as you think it will be.
My dad got me my first rifle when I was just thirteen and that was the greatest thing that I had ever got for my birthday. The gun was a thirty-thirty lever action Marlin carbine. I could not wait to go hunting; however, my dad said that there were a few things that I would have to due first which hearing that I was unhappy because I thought that all I had to do since I had a gun was go out and hunt. He told me that I had to first learn how to clean the gun before I would be aloud to go hunting I did not want to learn to clean the gun to me that sounded boring. I soon found out that the reason I had to learn to clean my rifle was so that it would be fully functional. Therefore, I learned how to disassemble and clean then reassemble my thirty-thirty.
My dad then said that I had to sight it in which I thought ok that would not be hard. It took use a week to get it sighted in because the scope mounts were not mounted right. Therefore, when we got that fixed and finally got it sighted in I thought I was done. I was then informed that I had to be able to shoot the bull’s-eye at least eight out of ten times without a miss. It took me about three days of constant dedication to be able to hit the target at least eight times in a row and by that time I was determined to get the full ten