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Personal Statement
As long as I can remember, I have always known that I wanted to become a great businessperson like my father who has devoted all his life to building a strong and dependable business through which he could provide equal opportunities for everyone who were willing to improve their lives and achieve their goals. My father has influenced me in so many ways, because he was my friend, my mentor and my pride.
I remember how my father used to take me to his factory where I received the basic understanding about business and how different aspects and people linked together to form a successful one. I well understood that one day I was going to take over his business and continue building what he ever hoped for. I was living this pipe dream until I found out that I wasn’t my father’s child and I wasn’t able to live with him anymore. This sudden twist of fate which I have experienced in high school made me give up on my dreams as well as on life. For whatever the reason is, I could not and I did not enroll into the Business class in university although there were the times when it was my lifetime goal to major in Business Administration.
As I am a very competitive and hardworking person in nature I excel at whatever I do regardless of whether I want it or not. This could be the reason why I did so well back in university although I was going through the hardest times of my life after my dad left home and my mom was struggling to make the ends meet. A lot of successful people say that life teaches the hard way and probably they are right, but personally I think that life teaches us the real way in order to make us realize its true values. Life may have bended me several times over the years, but it was never able to break me, because I always have and always will be determined to make my mark in this world like my father did.
During my sophomore year I got a part-time job at a wine trading company with an Australian owner as merchandise clerk. While selling and promoting the high class wines, most of the times I would attend economic or investors forums and meetings where I met people from different countries and different industries. Their speeches and success stories inspired me tremendously that it brought back the dreams I thought I had already given up. Benefit of this job doesn’t end here, while working, I not only learned the necessary sales and marketing strategies, but I also learned how to utilize time and skills efficiently. Perhaps that is the reason why I put so much emphasis on this part time job which paid only 10$ per day.
The greatest teacher in my life was my dad who taught me that you have to be a decent human being before becoming a businessman, because it takes so much than just skills and academic understanding to become one. Therefore, at an early age I have realized that business is not built solely on money or for money.
I remember my dad used to do volunteering and charity a lot, because he thought success and happiness are supposed to be shared. I, too, try to help people at every little chance I get as I have experienced some difficulties myself and know how comforting it is to receive help and support from the others. Of course, I am neither a saint nor a millionaire, so I cannot always give away money or free food like my dad used to and I don’t think this is the only way you can help people. Instead, I try to affect young people like me who perhaps experienced some of the life’s hardships or personal tragedies in a positive way and make them realize that every dream is a worthy dream and it exists in order to be accomplished despite the difficulties and failures they may face. I think no one can avoid their fate and destiny, however, we should be determined enough to control our destiny and create an exciting and promising life for ourselves.
The day I landed my current job I felt as if I have achieved the impossible, because I knew from the very beginning that my major