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Shateria Travis
October 24, 2012
Topic A Seeing homeless people on the side of the road every day brings my spirits up whenever I’m feeling down or feel like I’m going to give up. Although I know nothing about these people or their current predicaments, I still use them as perspicacity to keep me from entering complete damnation and destruction. I could possibly tell you about all of my inspirations the whole essay, but my greatest inspiration ever is a misguided homeless person or futureless person with no high aspirations and dreams for themselves. Anytime I’m riding around in the car, I know that I am bound to see pathetic individuals holding a large piece of cardboard that displays a message asking for some amount of money while looking busted and disgusted. There was a point in time when I would look at these preposterous peoples and allow my sensitivity to make me feel woeful for them and their miserable situations. Now I feel no sorrow for them what so ever! They can feel sorry for their own selves! I basically see them as individuals looking for an ample handout and an excuse for someone else to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. These people are just like any other individual, therefore hey can uprise themselves from these situations. They just choose not to do so. I try my best not to be so judgemental of people that I know absolutely nothing about, because I am highly uncertain of how they got completely “stuck”. It is very apprehensible that sometimes people are placed in situations that will eternally seam them