Essay on My Metamorphosis

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Drowsily, I awoke rolled over in the grass, woken up by the strange noises of the forest accentuated by the soft flow of the creek. I had no idea how I had gotten over by the creek, it was about 5 clicks from where our campsite was. As I attempted to stand, I was brought down by this incredible inability to stay up on my two feet. As I fell into all fours I noticed what I had previously known to be hands, to what are now paws covered in black fur. I started to get a panicked attack and as I advanced forward I felt the agility and the easiness in which I moved, as quick and light as wind. I had to find my way back to the campsite where the tourist campers were waiting for me to guide them through the wilderness. I walked over to the creek in hopes to catch a glimpse of my own reflection, as I saw oval light brown canine eyes staring back at me, with a wide long nose and triangular ears while covered in light brown and white fur. Something incredible had happened besides my amazing transformation. The noise that I had begun to hear, those loud crashing noises that sounded similar to waves or a loud crowd of people talking all at once was the forest and its creatures. Every insect, every worm, every bird, every gush of the wind against the leaves, everything, was amplified! The sound capabilities were incredible. I could hear the beating sound of a ground squirrel about fifty yards away. As well as my binocular vision as I was able to spot the squirrel from four hundred yards away. Over powered by this sense of instinct and power that just came over my entire body, I did not choose to go against the instincts that empowered me as I pranced to the squirrel, flexing, my strong muscular paws and digging them deeper and deeper into the…