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Concept of Spirituality in nursing
Jesse Okonigbo
Bowie State University
Dr. Clark

There is scientific evidence that the spiritual well being of a person can affect quality of life and the response to illness, pain, suffering and even death. This concept was described as a unique individual quest for establishing and, or, maintaining a dynamic transcendent relationship with self, others, and with supernatural being as understood by the person. Faith, trust and religious belief were reported as antecedents of spirituality, while hope, inner peace and meaningful life were reported to be consequences of spirituality. “Spiritual care must be included in NP education programs so that practicing NPs will have the foundation for assessing spiritual care needs and for providing and evaluating spiritual care interventions” (Tanyi, McKenzie, & Chapek, 2009).

Intoduction Spirituality Benefit of spiritual care
Characteristic of spirituality Barrier to spirituality nursing

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