My Name Is Ishmael (Speech) Essay

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My name is Ishmael. No remarks about my name. I didn’t choose it. I’m here to speak to speak about bullying. It should be stopped. and I’m going to give you three reasons why it should be.
Reason one, it can have long term effects. For instance, I suffer from Ishmael Le-sir’s syndrome, it’s where everyone around me suffers from increased stupidity, and where I suffer from the wussy-crap name of Ishmael Le-sir. This syndrome has led to a loss of self confidence. This loss can lead to depression, and end in suicide if it is not treated. It can be stopped by people thinking of other’s feelings and not beginning to insult things other people can’t control!.
Reason two, it gets you no where in life. When you bully someone, you normally do it to become a ‘top dog’. However, it is very much the opposite. You become the lowest of the low, like the criminals you all hate. Explain to me, how putting others down is going to make you feel bad! Don’t you ever feel a little pang of guilt in that tiny brain you have so little control over?
Alright, my final point – the point involving facts and figures. Did you know that bullying is on going outside of the school yard? Because it is not only in the school yard, around 160,000 children are avoiding school and this, along with a total count of 6 deaths per day, is a total of 26666 children committing suicide. Every. Year. Do you see the damage of your actions, Barry Bagsley?
I can’t talk much longer, but allow me to say, someday everyone