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“Apart from their fatigue and malnourishment, it was evident they had seen something that plagued their minds, something that we would refuse to accept if they told us all of it.” (Beah5)

One afternoon, father asked the boys “can you even understand what you are saying?” when they were learning the verses of a hip hop song. (Beah6-7)

Ishmael takes Junior and Talloi’s clothes while they were bathing in the river. He embarrasses them in front of a truck that was driving by and was full of girls. (Beah8)

“I had not seen him for a while, as another stepmother had destroyed our relationship again.” (Beah10)

Father now refuses to pay for the kids’ school fees. (Beah10)

“Everyone becomes happy and appreciates the moon in their own special way.” (Beah16)

“Since that day, the wild pigs have distrusted all humans, and whenever they see a person in the forest, they think he or she is there to avenge the hunter.” (Beah53-54)What could be so terrible that they wouldn’t believe it? I know war is terrible and cruel, but how cruel can it be that it’s unbelievable?

I can relate to this incident because I see many South Asian parents (Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, etc.) complaining about disliking English songs because they don’t understand it.

It’s funny what he did to his brother and friend. But I wouldn’t do this to my friends and brother. Also, this incident reminded me of the Mr. Bean show when he jumped in the pool, lost his shorts and ended up embarrassing himself.

Destroyed their relationship AGAIN? How many stepmothers did he have? Why would the stepmother destroy their relationship? And does the father not love them enough to prevent the stepmothers from destroying their relationship?

Is it because father can’t afford it anymore? Is the stepmother influencing the decision? Or does father simply not love his kids enough to pay their fees?

This quote made me realize that most people like the moon. I’ve never heard of anyone disliking the moon.

The story of wild pigs distrusting all humans reminded me of the real-life issue of stereotypes related to Muslims following the 9/11 attacks because of the way many Americans distrust/dislike Muslims.

“When I was little, my father used to say ‘If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die.” (Beah54)

Musa’s round face, big eyes, and his short, bulky body with tiny round ears. (Beah62)

“Saidu sat in the attic, holding his breath and listening to the wailing of his sisters as the rebels raped them.” (Beah80)

Kanei said “If the falling of this bird is a sign of a curse or bad luck, we are in both. So I am eating every bit of it.” (Beah80)

“…the silence that asked, who will be next to leave us? The question was in our eyes when we looked at each other.” (Beah88)

Gamesu asks the kids to help him carry some bananas back to the village after they travel to reunite with Ishmael’s family. (Beah91)What father said is very religious and based on his spiritual beliefs. It also interests me because after thinking about it, I’ve come to believe it’s not true because there have been many incidents where someone is anxiously waiting for a happy day, but end up passing away before the day of the event reaches. So when they died, they couldn’t live for that better day. However, this quote blends in to a great motivational speech for those who want to attempt suicide.

Musa’s description interested me tremendously because when I went to school in Bangladesh, my best friend’s name was Musa and he matched Ishmael’s description of his friend Musa.

That’s just terrible having to hide and watch while his family is being abused. I really feel bad for anyone who had to go through that experience.

What he said is very true. There’s no point in being superstitious anymore when you are barely surviving. Besides, the bird would’ve just died by itself or been eaten by