My Personal Aspects Of Time Management In The Classroom

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For my first activity I chose being a student I observed it from September 23- September 25. Something that I really want to take from this experiment was the fact that recording my activities for school helps keep me on track. I think that managing and seeing pen put to paper on the things I do each day helped me study better as well. I say this because setting a time and actual date to where I have to strictly stick to the schedule helped me focus on what was important. It helped me finish upcoming assignments as well as do my homework in a timely manner. One problem I really struggled with in the past was managing proper time management. In doing this exercise I can see why it is called that, I can positively say I saw an improvement in myself. I started noticing a difference in my work ethic, once I started studying it turned into a habit that I got used too. One minor setback I would say with this assignment was that it was hard for me to keep with schedule and not break/ deviate from my schedule.
My second activity of being a basketball lover I observed from September 26- September 27. While implementing a set schedule for my basketball and exercise regiment it helped me get into better shape. I think that setting a time and planning things ahead of time is a great thing to do. It keeps me organized I started practicing harder, training more diligently and exercising with a stronger purpose. I felt myself become more motivated and it helped me to not slack and not to be lazy. Because I have such a strong love for the game of basketball, practice is key to being successful. I never set aside a time for me to practice; I just really practiced whenever I felt like practicing. With a set schedule I would say it helped me practice more effectively. One of the things I would say I went wrong in setting my schedule was that I did not schedule my time effectively. I am not really a morning person and set my workout at eight o’clock in the morning, it was kind of tough waking up every morning. Second I did not set in time for rest in between my workouts. I think it is important to set in time to rest for your workouts so that your muscles have time to rest.
My third activity I chose was being a Boyfriend I observed from September 27- September 28. Some of the positive things I took from this time management assignment was how to be a better person. It helped me take a step back and analyze what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do right. I want to say that it improved my relationship with my significant other by better communication. When I took the time I needed to actually listen to her needs