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Exercise Exercise can lead to many results for the humans. The basic definition of exercise, in my opinion, is the training of the body to improve its health, the body’s function, and enhance its fitness. The effect of the exercise burns fat and builds muscles, can control weight, boosts up the stamina, fights with diseases and health condition, and eases stress and anxiety. Students are busy preparing for competitive examinations. They are not paying attention to their health. They believe that only good food can keep them healthy. But it is a wrong idea. They can be healthy and strong, if they do regular physical exercise. Physical exercise can play a key role in how healthy a person can be. Disregarding all the outcome of the exercise, exercise gave me stress and it is requires very thorough time management. Some people react well to stress, others handle it decently, and then there are some that just can't handle stress at all which is me.
Before I moved to the States, I did not have to exercise much because you find yourself exercising wherever you go. Unlike the States, in South Korea, you do not need a car for transportation because it is a small country. Everywhere you go, there are subway and bus stations that leads you to your destination. Walking and Running about four miles was a daily routine of my life. I also liked playing outdoor activities. About five years ago, when I moved to the States in Alabama, I actually gained about thirty eight pounds within three years. I would always eat, study for tests, and find myself lying down on my bed most of the time. My friends would ask me to work out, but I avoided that question several times and they stopped asking me. From then on, any physical activity gave me stress and my body kept building up fat. In addition, it caused me to dislike sports and any outdoor activities. During my first semester in LSU (fall of 2012), unusual symptoms have poured out of my body. Abnormal bumps have shown up on my skin, unknown cause of allergy, and diagnosed with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), which is a disorder arising in the inner ear. The symptoms of BPPV are dizziness, hearing loss, a loss of balance, nausea, and vomiting. From many doctors I have been, they said it is rare for young adult to have BPPV. All these rare cases are caused by lack of exercise which I believe. It also told me that I must exercise to improve and recover my health. Even though I disliked exercise, I started to run the lake