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Reflective People Management

Assessment 1
Personal Development Plan

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Team role contributions include being serious minded, strategic, concerning, conscientious while delivering on time, dynamic and thriving on pressure. Conversely allowable weaknesses comprise of lacking drive, being inclined to worry unduly, reluctant to let others do my job, prone to provocation and being liable to offend. I was surprised at how accurate these definitions are; whilst feeling positive and encouraged that I have started to consciously develop.

Whilst attending the residential weekend I realised I was currently self reflecting. For example during some exercises I found that I was consciously aware of some weaknesses that I had started to address and felt positive that I had began to develop to some degree. This supported the Straangard (1981) Self Development and Personal Change model describing various stages from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Furthermore; feedback from my observer highlighted courage to express my judgement on the meeting progress however I still showed signs of confrontation. The observer suggested that although this manner was evident it could be a reflection of additional team profile profiles. A Shaper is susceptible to provocation while further down my profile scale a Specialist can be seen to be single-minded. This idea is again supported in the Counselling Report from the Belbin exercise (1981) which describes that I do not relate to anxious management and further suggest