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When I was seven years old, in a national Youth Radio Goniometry Competition, I was awarded a book The Evolution of Physics. In the following ten years, from obscurity to vividness, from superficiality to profundity, the relationship between the book and I grew subtly. The growth was a race among mentality, maturity and age. My mother and her earlier generation contributed themselves in Atomic Physics and Mechanical Engineering. That was truly a great family honor to me.
In my 12, I won “The Campus Learning Star” and “The Campus Science Star”. Thereafter I became the “family assistant” of my grandfather, an Atomic Physics and Psychology Doctor, assisting him with simple work in Physics and Mechanics. In his study room, I saw the secrets of robot manipulator, form error assessment and identification, geometric reasoning, etc. In those days, my knowledge and learning grew and my rigorous scholarship and realistic scientific spirit were formed. In my 17, I won the Silver Prize in Waterloo Galois Mathematics Competition. During the following two years, I was awarded 8 consecutive “The President Honor”, which was the most prestigious glory for academically outstanding students. In the school derby car race, my car straightly slid 39 meters down the 0.8-meter-high gliding frame and won me the champion exceeding the second one by 10 meters. At that moment, I saw my academic route in the future—engineering.

It is a rare perfection to reach consilience in values. Impressed on the comprehensive expression of rigorous teaching attitude, morality, academic and