My Ski Vacation Essay

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My Ski Vacation

Thin air astounds me as I commerce the final day of skiing at Vail, Colorado. Five days of
skiing glide by rather painlessly. I fall occasionally but an evening in the jacuzzi soothes my
aches and pains. The final day of our trip was approaching and I prepare myself for the final run
of this vacation. Fresh off the ski lift, I glide toward the tails on the face of the mountain. I
realize I am alone and will be heading down the mountain solo. I carefully choose my last trail,
it is the most narrow of the three.
A blast of adrenaline charges through my body as I experience the first drop. The trail curves
and my weight shift as I plow down through heaven. All was perfect for the first one hundred
yards but an accident wasn’t far ahead. As I cling to the fresh powder and fell as though there
is nowhere else I would rather be, I feel myself stumble and lose balance. Feeling out of control
my body parts collide with nature. My right hand slams forcefully into a sheet of ice and an
over whelming jolt of pain overcomes me. My wrist felt as though I had snapped it in half. My
body continued to roll down what felt like a never ending mountain. The force of gravity had
taken over and I was out of control. Finally, a bed of unforgiving pine trees stop me. Dazed,
confused and in excruciating pain, I try to gather myself enough to remove my glove and
examine my wrist and other aching body parts.
All alone, I glance downhill and see some of my missing equipment. My…