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Human Resource Management
Report on
Evaluating Non-traditional Incentive System
Case study of Howe 2 Ski Sores

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Mr. Sardar Ali
MBA Section-D

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Lecturer: Mr. Baber Jamil

Institute of Management Sciences Phase 7 Hayatabad Pehsawar, Pakistan
Evaluating Non-Traditional Incentive Systems Case Study: Howe 2 Ski Stores
In this case study, the main focus of our interest is to evaluate the non traditional incentive system. But before going into the detail of Non-traditional incentive system, let us summarize the case study first.
Case Study:
Maria Howe, a ski enthusiast and business school major, opened a store 10 years ago after her graduation with financial backing from her family and
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The closing inventory revealed that 20 percent of the rental equipment had been lost or seriously damaged without resulting charges to the renters because records were poorly maintained. Regular checks of the suggestion boxes in the store revealed fewer and fewer comments.
Although less extreme, similar problems occurred in windsurfing season. Employees just didn’t seem to notice these problems, or worse, didn’t seem to care.
Howe was very bothered by all these factors and felt they could felt they could not be attributed to the growth of the business alone. She knew it would be impossible to maintain her competitive position with these events occurring. At a recent Small Business Forum meeting, Howe heard the guest speaker, a university, professor, suggest that employees consider a group of non-traditional incentive plans in order to increase employee motivation and involvement and reduce all the costs of operating. She decided to investigate the topic further to see whether these plans might be appropriate for her stores.
This was concluded that not only the high quality and expertise in the equipments, or other improvement in the organization alone can succeed in any business but taking care of the employees needs and wants is also necessary for organizations In this scenario many incenstive system can be proposed, but in my view a combination of incentive system will be the best solution for Howe 2 Ski stores.