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Tamara Constantin
September 17, 2013
Journalism – period -6

As Laurie walked home, she couldn’t get the image of the blue Guy, who she saw before she woke up, out of my head. Laurie didn’t know if she slipped and was dreaming. Or maybe everything that happened was really real. So Laurie shrugged it off and went home. Before she crossed the street on the way home, she noticed someone looking at her. She looked away for a second then he was gone. Laurie went to check it out to see if the strange man was still there. When she got to where the man was, he reappeared behind her. He looked at Laurie and said, “Hello, Laurie, my name is Elastics” she stood there in shock because he knew her name. He said to Laurie “I only have a few minutes so listen to me quickly. I know that you have seen Dominguez, the evil genie. And I also know what you wished for, do you remember?” she said, “I-I um w-wished f-for the ability to shape shift.” He smiled like the genie did. Before he said, “Indeed you did, do you want to know what that means?” Laurie said, “That means I can change into anything I want.” Immediately he continued to speak. He said, “Yes, that’s right, but there’s more to it. When you shape shift into a person that has powers, you can gain their ability in the process. But the power only lasts from sunrise to sundown. During the night, you turn back into your normal self. That’s why I’m here, to protect you.” Laurie looked at him a while before she said, “I believe you, but one question, why did the genie pick me?” He just said, “Because he knew you would wish for a power and he thought he could use you for it.” She stood there for a while. She kind’ve blanked for a second before he started talking again. He said, “I’m here to protect you from the enemies that would like to turn kids, like you, into evil. I run a school for people just like you. Some of the “students” that I help were born with their power. Others got theirs from magic, just like you. I would like you to join my school.” She looked at him with a smile but what came out of her mouth surprised herself, “What about my parents, don’t you need their permission?” She said. He frowned when he said, “Oh yes, we need their permission. Let me call my friend Hypnos Destiny, to meet us there. He usually talks to the parents for me. ” She then asked, “What will he tell them?”He answered, “He will tell your parents about the school. He usually tells parents that the school is for the gifted students.” When he finished calling his friend, they walked to Laurie house. When they got there, a man was standing, waiting for them. When they got up to the door, the man said, “Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Mr. Destiny, I’m headmaster of The Evermore School for the Gifted. I am here to speak with your parents.” He kind of scared Laurie, but she guess it was because he was strange. Laurie opened the door to find mom and dad watching TV. “Hey mom” She called, “I’m home. I have someone who wants to speak with you.” They turned around then turned off the TV. “Hello.” Her father greeted them. Her dad greeted them like he knew them, but she thought it was just her imagination. Mr. Destiny said, “We want to talk to you about your daughter. I am the headmaster of a school called the Evermore School of The Gifted and this is Elastics, my partner. We would like you to enroll your daughter into the school.” Laurie mom stared at her and said, “Honey, go to your room. We would like to talk to them in private.” And so I went to my room. Her dad went upstairs with her for some reason. As she went up stairs, her mom said, “Will you protect her.” She said. Mr. Destiny said, “Yes I will Stacy. I would do anything for an old student of mine, especially since you were one of my best students.” She said, “I hope you are still good at protecting your students. If my daughter gets hurt, you will have to answer to me. So do your best to protect her from Tony.", she said in a series tone, “Don’t tell