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The popstar Lady Gaga has a weird way of getting her point across through her songs and music videos. In the music video, "Judas", she uses a biblical reference as a metaphor to form a very meaningful song. Throughout the song Lady Gaga uses some of Andrews Goodwin’s characteristics of music videos. She illustrates how she is battling with good and evil. Some may feel like she is bashing the bible just to get her point across while others, including myself, thinks she wants her viewers to understand that she has her ups and downs just like them and that looks can be deceiving. She illustrates that Lady Gaga is a unique individual and wants others to know that it is okay to stand out and to have more than one side to yourself. She also wants them to understand that people are judgmental no matter who you are and what you. It is inevitable.

The video begins with a bikers club. The members are dressed in leather jackets with skulls on the back, which usually leads one to think of evil. This is ironic because also on the back on the jackets are the names of Jesus’ 12 disciples. This could be found as and contradictory. The leader, wearing a crown, is suggestive of the character Jesus. On the back of his bike is Lady Gaga, showing her good side. She also constantly looking back at a specific disciple, Judas, the betrayer in the bible. Judas and Jesus in the video are meant to represent two completely different people. For example, at the 2:33 mark Jesus is seen helping other while at 2:06 Judas is seen being rough with women , drinking and other negative behavior. In another example during the video a fight breaks out in a bar. Judas is actively involved in the fight while Jesus prevents Lady Gaga from getting hurt. She is saying here that sometimes she can get herself in to trouble while other times she realizes when enough is enough. Gaga wants her viewers to know she can control her actions, but she always can't control how she reacts to things.

As the video continues Lady Gaga is seen trying to resist temptation at 1:30 by pushing Judas away from her while holding on to Jesus. Eventually Lady Gaga falls to temptation. At 3:18 as Jesus and Judas are about to fight, Lady Gaga steps in for Jesus putting a golden gun to Judas’ face. Guns usually makes one think bullets, but in this case the bullet is lipstick. Instead of killing Judas, lipstick is smeared all over his face. Gaga can't bring herself to hurt Judas. As said in the bible to betray Jesus, Judas kisses him. The smeared lipstick gives Judas permission to betray Jesus with her approval. Lady Gaga uses Judas to her advantage to betray Jesus. Gaga is once again struggling within herself. After giving Judas a makeover, Gaga turns to Jesus and falls to her knees in regret. She knows what she has done and she wants to be forgiven for her awful wrongdoing.

Lady Gaga is seen in a body of water to depict washing away her sins. She wants her viewers to understand that she makes mistakes just like anyone else does. Furthermore, she forgives herself even if no one else does. Gaga has been reborn and is given the choice of good or evil. In this part of the video is one of Andrew Goodwin's characteristics, a relationship between lyrics and visuals. In a tub of water with Jesus on one side, Judas on the other and Gaga in the middle, Lady Gaga has a decision to make. She has to chose between good and evil. She decides to choose Jesus saying "Jesus is my virtue, but Judas is the demon I cling to." Gaga knows for sure she loves Jesus but, she can't help but break the rules with Judas at times. She also says " I'm just a holy fool but I'm still in love with Judas baby. " Even though Judas does some wrong she looks past it and loves him for him. While saying this Lady Gaga makes a heart shape