My Time in the Industrial Revolution Essay

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My time in the industrial revolution was very hard. A.As the factories grew more people from the cpountryside moved in looking for jobs with better paid work.When more people came to the city wages on the farm were very low and there started to be less jobs on the farm because of the new machines such as threshers which were invented by Andrew Meikle in 1784 for the seperation of grain from stalks and husks. Because inwas only a child i had to work in places such as coal mines as "trappers" who worked trap doors. we would sit in a hole hollowed out for us and hold a string which was fastened to the door. when we heard the coal wagons coming we had to open the door by pulling a string. even though this job was the easiest down the mine on the other hand it was very lonely and the place where we had to sit was usually damp and draughty. Older children might be employed as "coal bearers" carrying loads of coal on their backs in large baskets, which was often very heavy. while thousands of vulnerable colleauges worked down the cold, drafty mines, thousand of others worked in cotton mills. the mill owners often took in orphans to their workhoues, they lived in the mill and had to work as hard as possible. They spent most of their working hours at the machines with little time for fresh air or exercise. Even part of Sunday was spent cleaning machines. There were some serious accidents, some children were scalped when their hair was caught in the machine, hands were crushed and some children were killed when they went to sleep and fell into the machine.
Luckily for me i was not an orphan and never got chose to work there. My job was to scare the birds away. my dy would go like this i would wake up have a drink of water from the well or river near by and thengo out and start to scare birds away. it was a hard day however it wasn't very hard and plus i wouldn't be alone, there were a few of us so we could talk, play and see who could scare the birds away the fastest. sometimes if we caught the bird we would cook it and eat it. It wasn't the best of food nor was it the worst of food. it was tiring but quite fun