My Tragic Hero Essay

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My Tragic Hero

Lillian "Nawnee" Green was a grandmother to me. She helped my mother raise me. Every event, birthday party, or graduation, she was there. My Nawnee was everything to me. There wasn't a day that went by that I wasn't at her house. We weren't related by blood, but she has been in my life since I was a baby. She helped everyone with their problems. Every hero as their own problem, despite her flaws she was a supportive, helpful and funny lady. Others disagreed and said, “That she was irresponsible, an alcoholic and completely stubborn.”
One of her favorite quotes, “Everyone will die one day." She was busy helping others and neglecting her own health. She was always happy no one would’ve thought she had problems in her life; however her alcohol abuse caused her to be irresponsible about her own health. Her main concern was to make sure I went to the doctor and was healthy. She never went to the doctor for her regular checkups. She would say, “They can’t help me! Don’t worry about me! I’m going to be fine!”
She felt like liquor solved her problems. She walked to the store several time a day. It did not matter if it was rain, hail, sleet or snow. She went so frequently; that the cashiers already knew what she wanted before she could say anything. My mom reminded her daily that drinking at that pace could lead to a serious illness or death. She would nod and continue to sip her ½ pint of Canadian Mist. One night she decided to get DRUNK. She fell on her concrete porch and busted her head open. We literally had to fight her to get her in the ambulance. She was cursing and being