My Virtual Child Report

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Jannah Asaad
MY Virtual Child
Assignment 1
Birth- 4 years, 10 Months
1 . How does your baby’s eating, sleeping and motor development compare to the typical developmental patterns in the first 8 months? In order to determine how my baby, Yusuf, was doing at 8 months, the pediatrician administered a Bayley Scales of Infant Intelligence Test to decide if he was developing properly. The Bayley Scale of Infant Intelligence test is composed of three main components: a.) the Cognitive Scale; b.) the Language Scale; and c.) the Motor Scale (Berk, 2012). The doctor noted that Yusuf was healthy, and in good physical condition but he advised me to start feeding him a greater variety of baby food and ground up fruits and vegetables . These foods are more nutritious and will benefit Yusuf in every way.The report also allowed the doctor to determine that Yusuf's gross and fine motor skills were a little behind for his age. Gross motor skills are large movements that help a baby's explore such as crawling, standing, and walking (Berk,2012). Fine motor skills, are the smaller physical advances an infant does such as touching and reaching (Berk, 2012). At 8 months, Yusuf should have already started
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Yusuf is fascinated by music and sings songs he has learned from school or his favorite T.V shows. Yusuf loves to dance, in good rhythm, along to these songs, and gets very involved, this is something we love to do together. He also has a very big imagination and enjoys fantasy plays. Yusuf has also started learning new things about himself having recently figured out that the numbers twenty, thirty, etc. can be combined with the numbers 1 to 9, and off he goes, counting happily up to 80 as we practice together. Yusuf has also become interested in the train set in my parents attic, and wanted my help building