Why Do You Regret Your Choice To Make The Monster?

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Sean McFadden
Mr. Rathgeber
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September 10, 2013
Frankenstein Character Interviews
Victor Frankenstein:
Why do you regret your choice to make the Monster? I felt progressively ashamed and embarrassed as I understood how destitute I was to stop this horrid monster from destroying not only my life but many others. I cut myself off from society and ultimately pledge to a barbaric mania with avenging my youngest brother, my best friend, and my lovely wife Elizabeth.
How did you know that the Monster killed your little brother, William? My family suspected our housekeeper murdered William, because his locket was found in her purse but when I walked back to Geneva I saw the Monster I had created and I knew at that instant that this horrible beast was the culprit to the murder. However, Justine was sentenced to death and I watched her get executed.
What did Frankenstein say to you when you two finally met? He insisted that I make a female creature that is as ugly as he is to be his companion. The Monster promised that once that was done; he will go to South America. He even threatened to kill dozens of people if I did not comply. I had no choice but to agree.
Where did you create this ‘Female Monster’? I went site seeing with my best friend Clerval around Germany and then rented a cottage in Scotland to make a brand new creation. But I got sickened and destroyed the creature before she was finished. The Monster came in the find out what I was doing. He was furious that I broke his promise. The Monster swore he will get his revenge and said “I’ll be with you on your wedding night.”
What did you do with the body parts you used to create this female monster? I took all the parts and put them in a basket. I then sailed on a boat at night and dumped it all. Then I went to sleep on the boat. I woke up ashore in Ireland and the police arrested me. It turned out my best friend Clerval has been strangled and they thought I was the murderer. I was sick for a while because of fear but I was released because the police found out I did not murder my best friend.
How did your wedding go? Absolutely terrible. I married Elizabeth like I was planning to my whole entire life. I was extremely suspicious that the Monster was going to plan to kill me on my wedding night. So I stayed up all night with a gun. It turns out that in an ironic twist of fate, the Monster strangled Elizabeth to death while I was outside with my gun. My father died of grief soon afterward so I have lost everybody I have ever cared about because of my creation. I dedicated my life to finding and destroying the Monster. But the Monster kept going farther and farther away until we were chasing each other on dog sleds.
The Monster:
How did Victor Frankenstein create you? I was put together from body parts and odd chemicals. I awakened completely disoriented. I did not know how to speak or comprehend language and I had to get used to the feel of my own body. I also had to figure out concepts that are now basic, such as light and dark, heat and cold, and hunger and thirst.
Where did you go once you escaped Doctor Frankenstein’s lab? I eventually wandered out to the forest, where I can hide and look for berries and nuts. The first human I saw was an old man in a hut who ran away in terror because I was so hideous.
Did you see any other people? I was captivated by the first village I had walked into. But the residents were frightened and they drove me off by throwing things at me. I finally found shelter in a little shed built up against the side of a cottage. That is when I met the DeKelly’s. I saw their love and wanted so much to be a part of that.
How did you learn to read and write? I eavesdropped one of the DeKelley sons teaching a young foreigner from Turkey named Safie about reading and writing and picked up the knowledge with her. I also learned of the history of human civilizations. I also found three books in the woods,