Improvement And Development Of Apple

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Improvements/ Developments
Clear differentiation or unique selling point
Declining brand- been overpowered by apple and android
Unique features and apps- such as BBM- which is a major selling point – however, peope know this so should focus advertising on other things
Currently perceived by many as a stepping stone to the iPhone; needs to eradicate this opinion and reputation -
Needs to show it isn’t trying to copy others, especially Apple, need to do things better/ differently – has a qwerty, apple has one phone, blackberry offers many different varieties etc
Could perhaps focus on functionality, as this is what it does best, as previously stated, design new apps, features, new selling points iPhone better for fun, games and apps so Blackberry could focus on this also
Have a range of phones, both touch screen but keep qwerty keyboard as they do this better than any others
Differentiation could be the range they offer. Which all are focused on individuals. Adverts have shown that they offer individulistic experieces, could exploit this further. Customised phones ( see next section)
Apple has a great design, easy to use, quality and an overall experience. Blackberry needs to clearly define why they are different and what their experience is all about
Target different sections of the market
Consumers recognise the Blackberry brand when it is presented and exposed to them, and then of the brand when considering a purchase in the Smartphone category, especially when seeking a multi functioning high capability device.
Increasing the breadth of brand awareness and situations in which the consumer would consider using the brand. Could do this through product extension and then marketing this effectively. Ensure they appeal to the different markets and consumers are able to see they have different product lines to fulfil different needs.
Like orange have done with different tariffs, different animal names for different options- customised for different types of people to offer a range for all
Range of blackberry handsets are currently not widely known so could therefore clearly show who and what different phones are for. For example, cheap phone with internet, youtube, camera etc for students, more experience phone with word, excel etc for business people, high spec camera, recorder, hd for people in design/film etc
Customisation- different colours, touchscreen or qwerty etc
Green environmental phone- soloar panel charging
Product line extension
Cover all ranges of phones. Lower priced: RIM is facing pressure from lower priced smartphones that run Google's Android operating system. Android basically came out of nowhere in 2010 and surpassed RIM's global market share
Also high end “RIM has been criticized for being slow to compete with rivals Apple and Samsung in the high-end smartphone sector”
However, focus has been on new technologies, super phone.
Improving the phones: * Better, more aesthetically appealing designs. * Bring out a whole new phone – touch blackberry * Easy to customise (reflection of your personality) – cover colours etc. * Less bulky (perhaps engineer a completely new look for one or a range of blackberry phone e.g. a sleek, slimline Blackberry). * Better quality materials to build the phone from. The cheap looking, easily broken plastic cover could be updated to a lightweight aluminium/ carbon composite finish. This, perhaps a more expensive version could act as direct competition to the iPhone. * Nice shinier > push up the price point (linked to above point). Perhaps helping to alleviate the feeling that Blackberry acts as an inferior alternative to the iPhone. * 3D/ NFC/ HD screen to enhance viewing (You Tube videos) and image (Facebook) quality. * Reliability and durability of the handset. Concerns and views were voiced that people who buy into contracts want a reliable phone that they know will not break – thus having to pay a