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My World My personal world that I live in today is not all that different from most people. It does have its unique moments that make it worth while though. My family, school, and community all play a big part in my life. All the things that go on around me constantly change my mind. It definitely affects the decisions that I make in my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these life changing factors. First and foremost, my family is my number one life changer. My family was at a time considered middle class. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor either. My mom graduated from college and has a job as a teacher. My dad didn’t go to college but he was and still is considered one of the best workers at his previous and current job. We were well off for a while until my father lost his job. Since he didn’t have a degree and the job market was plummeting he couldn’t find work. It was like that for three years. In that time span we went from good middle class to borderline poverty. During those three years my mind was set on a better future. A future where neither my future family nor I had to struggle the way I did. This is a major driving force in my determination to get accepted into college and get a degree. My community is another reason for my determination to get into college. The city that I live in now is not a bad one by any means. It provides a very good setting for all the youths growing up here if you live in the better parts of town. There are other parts where it is not so amazing. I happen to live near some of those parts. Nothing really major happens, but you can tell that there are things that go on. One of the biggest things that I know of is drug dealing. There is a huge love of the medicinal herbs showing up recently, if you catch my drift. It’s all that everyone talks about and it truly annoys me. I couldn’t care less about everyone and their love of it. I just want to go and make something of myself. Another thing is that there has been an escalation in the fights happening around here. Nothing really serious, but there happening more