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ABOUT THE JAPANESE IN HAWAII According to the first 153 Japanese immigrants, the Japanese in Hawaii had to fight for the rights of Japanese for many years when they had arrived on February 8, 1885 as contact laborers. After that, they started increasing their community by setting up the first Japanese schools in the United States. By 1920, most of Japanese children in Hawaii could speak Japanese language as their first language. Because I had a chance to research about Japanese American in the United State of America, I could be learned how big their community in Hawaii; how they preserved, acquired, educated…, relevant material of historical, cultural…; how they help their new generation to build or organize a new business. In February 2002, they established the Japan Center of Hawaii and then renamed to the Hawaii Japanese Center in March 2003. This place could help young Japanese generation learn about the history of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii and continental United States. In addition, this place also liked a big museum that preserved numerous items and documents that could provide more information about the Hawaii Japanese. I think that is the great place for their descendants, visitors and student will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the Japanese immigrants. With the end of the World War II, many young Nisei wanted to rebuild their community larger and more diversified. On November 7, 1949 The Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce was found by 45 young Nisei. This organization is opened to people from ages 21 through 39 that young people come to train professional skills, establish business contacts and professional networks. And then, they could find the next leader for their organization in the future. That is great place for young people training and practicing before they get a job or start a new business. The Chamber is also a place to hold the Cherry Blossom Festival and various events which celebrate the rich