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Mason Lincoln
Professor White
English 101
23 August 2013
Major Event in my Life Every person has a moment in their life that changes their whole outlook or being. For most it has to do with getting married, graduating from college, losing a loved one, or discovering the love and peace that comes with having a relationship with the Lord. So, with that being said, my life has been defined by one pivotal moment that happened just last year. However, to give this story full justice I have to start from day one. When a human develops in the womb there a number of things that can go wrong. In my case, while my body was being formed one of my heart valves did not fully develop and so I was left with what is called a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. So, what that means is while forming two of the three openings in my Aortic Valve fused together, leaving me with two openings instead of three. Most often children with this condition undergo a heart surgery when they are still newborns and, throughout the course of their adolescent life, receive multiple surgeries to keep the valve the right size. In my case the condition remained unknown until I was about three years old and at that point was just a minor issue, nothing to be concerned about. Throughout the years the valve was checked and maintained the status of non-problematic. So, when the cardiologist stopped accepting my insurance it wasn’t too big of a deal. Therefore, the valve went unchecked for about five years with no complications or any reason to get the heart valve checked on a regular basis. Fast-forward to 2011; it was my first time ever having a job while in school and so, between school and work, I hardly got any sleep. Over Christmas break I got pretty sick while my family and I were in Georgia for vacation. When we came back I went to the doctor and found out I had mono. The doctor asks me numerous questions and decides that I should get an echocardiogram. After the echocardiogram the cardiologist comes into the room and told my father and I that the stenosis of the valve is pretty severe and that surgery is now the only option. Needless to say I was extremely shocked, in fact I can remember feeling a sense of fear and yet anger at the same time. I can remember thinking how God could let this happen to me?
On March 13, 2012 at five thirty in the morning I went to Ruby Memorial Hospital to undergo a surgery to replace my Aortic Valve with a brand new, shiny mechanical valve. I was still scared but I had an overwhelming sense of peace, because I knew that God was on