Feeling Like An Outcast Essay

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Feeling Like an Outcast
Luis Gomez Moran
Ryan Enger
Full Sail University October 6, 2014


Felling Like an Outcast
Relationships among teenagers can sometimes be very tricky. Within a group of friends, any small factor can change the way they behave with each other. Such factors may include growing up, developing new interests, or being exposed to new life experiences. All of these may inadvertently lead to an exclusion of a member, or members of a group. This sudden end in an existent friendship can take on a considerable toll on the outcast. It was about a year ago when I noticed for the first time what was happening between my friends and me. At first I thought the problem was not me, but now I am pretty sure that at least half of the problem was my fault. Many factors affected the way I interacted with my friends: I did not get along with everyone, I was rather self-centered, I used to complain a lot, and I also took advantage of the relation between my friends and me. We were seven in the group. However, I only really cared about three of them. We spent a lot of time together. We used to share everything: jokes, stories, secrets, and experiences (these were the most common). It was difficult for me to have a good relationship with the other four in the group. I guess it was so because not everyone had the same personality, level of maturity, concerns, and preferences as me. Now I regret being so selfish at that time. I was sort of blind. We used to hang out all together, but I always put my own needs ahead of the group; not thinking about the others needs. Making fun of them was not a good idea either. Although, it may have seemed funny at times, but I was not really a box of jokes for the ones who were suffering the consequences of my foolish attitude. In addition, I was just like an old man complaining about his pains, but in my case I complained