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Narrative of Adolescence Years

This paper is a narrative of my adolescent years from twelve to eighteen. I label these years of awkwardness and pain off a hit show from the early nineties called, “The Growing Pains.” Similar to the characters in the show I struggled creating a personal identity and had difficulty blending in with societal norms. As a result I suffered from much insecurity, false conceptions of beauty, and depression. Up until writing this paper I felt these ideologies and feelings were better left in the past. However, I now understand these experiences shape my current beliefs and will affect my identity as a counselor. Therefore I must address these experiences and deal with them emotionally. As I
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Why didn’t my parents understand me? Wouldn’t it just be easier not to exist?
According to Piaget my decision to lie to parents proves children from eight to twelve are in the autonomous stage of morality. While in this stage I saw social rules as arbitrary, and promoting cooperation, equality and reciprocity. Therefore rules served as justice and they could be changed by agreement or violated for a higher purpose. Thus lying to my parents filled a higher purpose of becoming pretty to fit in with my peers. (Broderick & Blewitt 2010, p 225)
Furthermore, Kohlberg would describe my actions as fitting in stage two of Preconventional level. I followed rules to serve my own interest. Therefore my actions were individualistic in orientation. (Broderick & Blewitt 2010, p 225)
When reflecting back on the years twelve to fourteen I can conclude middle school years to be the most challenging. I was a new juggler. One ball was peer relationships, the other academics and finally my family life. Looking back I can see I took on more balls then I could actually juggle. Thus leading to my inevitable fails, depression and loneness. One of my epic fails occurred when I was 13. I had just been tested for the gifted program and passed; my new schedule now included high school French and high school Algebra. Yes, I was excited to be in these classes. It made me stand out. It made me feel important. Most of all I was in the cool kids group, because at our