National Association Of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

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Literature Review
Jessica Jane G. de Felipe
West Coast University
NURS 492

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP)
Scope: The various chapters of NAPNAP serve the needs of their local members through advocacy, networking, and education.
The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners was established in 1973 by the vision of Henry Silver, a pediatrician, and Loretta Ford, a nurse. They wished to extend the roles of a pediatric nurse by providing child health care services. In order to do so, they enhanced the skills of registered nurses by teaching them how to diagnose and treat patients, perform physical examinations, and assist with counseling to the families. They now have more than
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Cecily Betz and her colleagues realized the need for a pediatric specialty organization. Since then, the organization strives in fulfilling their mission by providing conferences to continue education, practice and research, member-only discussion forums, as well as various other programs. The members are categorized into regular, associate, retired and students. A major benefit from being a member is “the ability to substantiate professional practice through collaboration toward common goals” (Wiggins, 2014). This organization provides many resources for its members to constantly be updated with the newest evidenced-based practice to apply while they are on the field. It also provides many opportunities to network and collaborate with professionals in the same …show more content…
Since 1969 they believe in providing care that is nothing less than excellent. They are dedicated to putting the needs of patients and families first by creating a healthcare system in which nurses make their optimal contribution. By offering national conferences, local and regional seminars, and educational products, acute and critical care nurses are able to stay updated with the newest technology and techniques for treatment. This organization is also the leader in setting standards for critical care practice and education in nursing. By using evidence-based guidelines, they develop protocols that address key aspects of care and provide up-to-date research information.
The Journal of Pediatric Nursing The US and international authors of “The Journal of Pediatric Nursing” covers content that ranges from birth to adolescence. They publish evidence-based practice, theory, research papers, and quality improvement based on various topics. They discuss the needs of the nurses when caring for either healthy or ill infants, children, and adolescents. In addition, they include articles about clinical practice, research commentary, up coming technology, and current popular topics.