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Pride in ones country is something that not everyone shows. Some countries have a greater sense of nationalism than others and it starts within each and every individual. Australia has a strong sense of nationalism based on the obstacles it has overcome and the celebrations that bring everyone together. In 1891 there was a dispute between wool workers called the Shearer’s strike which led to the Australian Labor party, and in 1901 Australia’s six states gained independence from Britain. Still today there are traditions such as Australia Day and the Melbourne up which bring the people together.
The event of the Shearer’s Strike was a very important industrial dispute. It led to the making of the Australian Labor Party which is a social democratic party founded in 1891. The strike was between unionized wool workers and non-unionized wool workers. They formed large camps and would attack their opposing group. They ended up settling their differences and it is known to of led to Australia’s first social democratic party.
The Federation of Australia was the joining of six states under one nation. In January of 1901 Australia lost all jurisdictions from Britain. At that time the people felt more united and nationalism within the country began to increase.
Australia Day is celebrated on January 26 and is very similar to our Thanksgiving Day. It celebrates the first landing of convicts in Botany Bay. Australians like to gather with friends and family on this day and enjoy a nice meal. Fireworks are