Native American Culture Essay

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Tangella 1

Nikhil Tangella
Mrs. Naus
Art 4A
29 January 2015
Ceramic Vessel L.E.D
Around the technical abilities that I gained from making the ceramic vessel, I learned a lot about Native American culture and Native American storytelling and how it relates to the making of the vessels during that time. We watched several videos in class about Native
Americans and their vessels and they taught me that Native Americans are sub divided into groups all around the United States. Each group has its own legacy or significant stories, and they reflect these legacies and stories on their vessels. The tribe that I researched was the
Wabanaki tribe, and the story I used on my pot is about a young bird that kills the leader of its clan and after he kills his leader he goes in hiding from his other tribesmen. The type of pots that the Wabanaki people had were flat and they have handles. And my pot also has handles and fits the physical characteristics of a traditional Wabanaki people. Some of the clay techniques that I learned are slipping and slabbing,and these are techniques that help attach clay to each other.
Overall, I learned a lot about native american culture and clay techniques.
If I were to evaluate and grade my own piece I would give myself a 92% because there were a lot of instances where I excelled and very few instances where I could of improved my techniques of creating the piece. One of the most important things that I excelled in was following the artistic process and alway correcting visible mistakes when possible. One of the things I could of improved on is the glazing of my piece. In a few areas it was sloppy and I feel

Tangella 2

that It is essential for me to correct my mistakes moving forward to future projects. Also the top of my piece is not as flat as I would of hoped and that is something that did not seem visible at the time but something that I wish I would of fixed previously. One of the great things that I did is that I connected my pot to the story of my Native American tribe. Also I did a good job in fine tuning the sides of my piece to make it flat. I also succeed in picking a color scheme because I