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When it comes to the subject of “Nature vs. Nurture, I believe we will always have people who feel strongly about their beliefs in either side. I must say that I tend to come down on the side of nature. The more I learn on the subject, the more I’m convinced of people being born with certain behaviors and traits. The video was very interesting. I had no idea that men and women all started out with the same reproductive parts. It was amazing to watch the two organs start out the same and with the help of certain hormones becomes something totally different. I was truly amazed because things like this remind me that there is no way the big bang theory could have created the complex ways that the human body alone is created. I’m in awe of just how beautifully and wonderfully made we really are. It is a blessing to me to be born in this time that we live in. So many things can be explained threw science now that could not have been before. I believe if these parents were aware of all the damage it would do to both twins to go through with this ordeal, they would never have done it. I’m glad that this boy was ultimately told the truth and allowed to make the final decision of what sex he preferred to be. I’m sure it will always be a scar on his life, but to no longer have to deny his true feelings of being a male had to be a blessing. I believe that blind studies should not be allowed to be performed on anyone without there being witnesses to the experiments. The deception