Nature Vs Nurture

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One knows that we learn by what we see, by what we hear, and what is taught to us. We are taught by our parents, by our teachers, by grandparents, by siblings, friends, ect.. but ultimately a parents wants there child to grow up knowing they taught them to do what was right and wrong. This is where Nature vs. Nurture come into play this is where we learn ones interest and abilities such as creativity, social skills, problem-solving ability, and so forth. Parents are the keys to intellectual development for almost all children in the care and education they provide and arrange. Most studies have shown what a child has learn by age to that has set the foundation for the child for the rest of his/her life. As everyone knows children act out by what they see, if they see what we are doing even though it’s wrong and they do it how can we yell at them for it when we did it right in front of them. A child's intelligence is shaped and influenced by his cumulative experiences over time. Biology matters but so does experience. Your child's intelligence is being shaped, challenged, and expressed every day by experiences with people, objects, and events especially when they are given the chance first hand. These same ingredients nurture many different parts of a child’s brain such as intelligence, such as the creative, the musical, the interpersonal, and the logical. Genetically we get our hair color, eye color, blood type from our parents. Thinks such as personality, weight, height, we can alter depending on what we do. One example that I can use would be that my dad loved the Beach Boys so I get the fact that I love listening to them from him, or the fact that people say I smile like my Uncle so I must get that from him. The fact of the Nature vs. Nurture stuff is that no matter what each and every one we come in contact with has a way of changing us. It maybe something good or something bad but it may make us the way we are, or one can say the way