Nature Vs Nurture Debate

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The nature versus nurture debate is about the roles of innate quality or genetic inheritance versus personal experience or environmental factors. This notion is part of the fundamental themes in psychology that is known as heredity and environment (Wayne Weiten & Doug McCann, 2013). Theorists have argued about personal traits and abilities and their connection with nature and nurture. Some theorists believe that personality traits and skills are governed by genetic predisposition. However, environmental factors play an important role to create and develop some skills such as athletic. Some scientists seek to believe that some abstract traits that contribute to athletic ability and performance are inherited or encoded in a person’s DNA. They follow the nurture theory and illustrate the notion by twin studies, ethnic studies and biology. They believe that some key factors that contribute to success are height and other features of body build in certain sports. For instance, based on a twin study that illustrates genetic influences on physical activity in young adults genetic factors contribute significantly to physical activity. “They estimated sport activity %41. ” (Mustelin, Joutsi, Latvala, Pietilainen, Rissanen, Kaprio, 2009,p.1) .It is crucial to note that they didn’t consider the environmental factors and athlete’s hard work behind their success. On the other hand, experience and environment play a crucial role; some abilities are learned and are influenced by family and cultural environment. They developed over time in response to the experience and achievements .For instance; another study examined a group of athletes and the key factors behind their success. The selected study used a holistic ecological approach .It illustrated the factors by focusing on environment’s components, structures and elements that contributed to environments success. The research study focused on a successful sailing team consisted of top athletes, administrated and coaches in various situations such as meetings, training times and competitions. They also did research on individual athlete to discover the central challenges that are involved in talent development. This study relates the environmental factors and their influence to athletic through crucial components such as family, school, related teams,