Essay about Nazi Germany and Popular Appeal

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TCA #2
Social Behavior 1. Obedience

a) This photograph represents the obedience of the Jews during the Holocaust. They knew that they were helpless when they were subject to Nazi control, and that they could either go along with what they are told, or they could fight it and subsequently be killed. This group of people are following the commands of their leaders and have given up all of their freedoms to obey the rules of the Nazis. b) This image targets the Jews subject to the torture of the Nazis. They were forced to be obedient to the Nazis and lost everything because of it.

2. Prejudice

a) This image shows the prejudice and segregation towards people of the African American dissent. The black people are forced to the back of the bus, being degraded to feel like worthless people. b) This photograph targets the African Americans that were subject to prejudice as well as racism and poor treatment during the twentieth century. This picture shows how the black people were isolated from the white people, and were not treated as equals, the way that they should have been.

3. Stereotyping

a) This photograph displays one of the many common targets of stereotyping. It makes it seem as though women are not capable of performing common, semi-laborious tasks that men can do, creating an image on inequality between the two genders b) This photo targets women, showing a common stereotype that women cannot do the same things that men can do, even the simplest tasks, showing that men are better and more superior than women.