Need and Emotional Needs Essay

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Factors affecting development

Andy: Andy is an 8 year old boy who seems emotional happy because he is in a good home where his parents and family seem to love him and he can always go to them if he needs to speak to anyone and this is good for his emotional needs. Also he has everything that a young child needs, such a computer, books, games and toys which all of this can help with his intellectual needs. But Andy has had a computer since he was three which is a good and bad thing, one being a good thing as it can help him with his intellectual needs such as learning new things but the bad thing is that it can affect his eye sight if he spends too much time on the computer and also maybe his social life also as he gets older leading to that he wants to stay in all the time and play online games. He seems to live in a safe neighbourhood which seems like he lives in a crime free neighbourhood which he won’t be brought up into, without it being trust worthy Andy is allowed to go to the park on his bike which will be good for his physical needs as it will help him keep fit also when he goes to the park he will see his friends and play football which will make him happy and will help his emotional needs. Andy seems to be well educated and enjoys to learn new things as he enjoys going to school to learn, also he doesn’t like to have days off and this is good for his intellectual needs. Looking at all of this information about Andy he comes across that he is a healthy child and has enough physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs in his life.

Heena: This 8 year old girl does not seem to have had a happy childhood so far which is going to affect her emotional needs also she has been brought into a family with not a lot of money who can’t afford to pay for what children need at her age such as books, games, toys, food, clothes and even school and this will affect her physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. She is really unhappy that she can’t be like other children and can’t be educated, this will affect her…