Nerd Culture Research Paper

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And in his music video all the “gangsters” are black while the nerds are white. This shows how nerd culture can be seen as a culture for whites. This can cause a lack of diversity of people of color because they are being told that only whites can be nerds and smart. Take for example, the character Christopher Boone in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, Christopher represent these characteristics. Christopher plays on the stereotype of what a nerd is, he is white male who he likes math and science. Most nerd characters in television and movies are white, and this perpetuates the stereotype that nerds are supposed to be white. This makes it difficult for people of color to show interest in nerdy subjects like math and science because they believe that they are not …show more content…
This relates to how there is a race gap in the STEM fields, which is partially due to the fact that people of color believe that STEM jobs are not for them.
In “Who’s a Nerd Anyway?” Benjamin Nugent discusses Mary Bucholtz search to discover who is a nerd. What Bucholtz discovers is that most students who identify as nerds are white. These students have developed their own style and culture, choosing to reject the culture other white students follow, which would black culture. Bucholtz call the nerd students, who reject black culture, hyperwhite. This can further reinforce the idea that nerds are supposed to be white. Nugent writes “One nerd girl Bucholtz observed performed a typically nerdy feat when asked to discuss “blood” as a slang term; she replied: ‘B-L-O-O-D. The word is blood, …That’s the stuff which is inside of your veins.’” Instead of explaining what “blood” meant in slang terms, the nerd girl offers the literal definition of “blood”. The nerdy girl refuses to discuss slang terms, which are mainly used among