Networking: Transaction Processing and Real Time Transaction Essay

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Networking Assignment 1

Learning Outcomes

This assignment will cover the following learning outcomes:

Discuss the architecture of modern computer networks
Critically discuss performance issues
Analyse network security and reliability
Discuss network configuration and maintenance


Case study – Curtis and Brousseau Building Society (CBBS)

CBBS is a small building society based in Cardiff. CBBS currently has 3 sites in Cardiff: Roath (branch), Cyncoed (head office) and Thornhill (branch). CBBS also has two branches opening in Swansea and another opening in Newport. With this expansion of the business and the number of additional customers CBBS will serve, CBBS have decided to overhaul their computing and networking provision.

The current system

1 In each branch there are 5 front office machines used for transaction processing and 5 back office machines used for various administration purposes. Wireless technology may be considered. However the management are concerned about security. There is also an archive server and a real time transaction server. The branches also have an internet connection for the web mail program used by the building society via a secure internet gateway. You must provide a template network schematic for branch LANs that incorporates connections to all of the above including the IP subnet and gateway ranges.

2 Each branch has an archive server to record transactions made during the day (for auditing purposes). At the end of business hours, this information (up to 10 Gigabytes) is transferred to the Cyncoed office via a dedicated 2Gbps connection provided by a local ISP.

There have been some concerns that the use of a dedicated line with 64bit point to point encryption may not be adequate. You must comment upon the suitability of this connection considering the data that passes through it and if necessary suggest an alternative.

3 For the real time transaction server (which provides the system used to ensure funds are available at the cash desks), all records are held and accessed centrally in the Cyncoed office. All branches