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Loryn Voskoboynik
Mr. Boyadjian
CP Government
15 December 2014
The New World Order
The new world ideology is making the world become one (Mark 3). One government to rule the whole world under the leadership of one person. The leaders will be self-chosen; hence, the process will not be democratic. The super powers of the world that is countries like the United States and United Kingdom will be the rulers. The other countries and their people will not have a say about how they are ruled. The system will need to the elimination of the middle class. There will only be the rich and peasants. The world will go back to the feudal system where the rich and famous rule, with no one, to answer to.
There will a unity of religion, some saying that no religion will be taught nor tolerated. There will be no visas required while travelling as there will be no borders. The same currency will be used all over the world. One military will be used to enforce the laws (Slaughter 9). The whole world will use the same language, monolingual.
The New World Order was initially developed to deal with the changes in the world (Mark3). There are so many emerging issues that are as a result of things such as changing living patterns and technologies. The world is growing day by day. It has led to growing economies. People being able to have more purchasing power and better lifestyles. The changes have also led to problems in the social, economic and political fronts. The ideology was supposed to help control the negative changes.
The ideology can be used to tackle issues and problems facing both developing and developed countries (Slaughter 9). The first problem that can be tackled is racism. Throughout history, people have been being discriminated on the basis of their skin color. By becoming one, the issue of racism will be eliminated in the world. As there are very few people who practice it in today’s world. Unity will see it come to an end.
Secondly, the removal of borders will lead to economic growth. People will be able to move from one country to the next carrying out business activities. The removal of different currencies to have one will also help. There will be no need to exchange currencies during transactions. The economic growth will not be attributed to one particular country, but the world as a whole.