New York City and Manhattan Mall Essay

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DATE OCT’27, 2012

Space defines an empty area reserved for some particular purpose, or a space reserved for setting or an open area between things. In an empty space, people can gather, talk to each other, and take a rest for a while and so on. As we see many high corporate buildings, they keep some empty space where people get together when they come to the office for their necessity. Any space is used for some particular purpose like economic, and convenient. However, in the major shopping malls like Queens Center Mall, Time Warner Complex, or Manhattan Mall, in NYC, the space is also used for financially beneficial, better transportation and convenience for the people.
The Manhattan Mall is one of the major shopping malls in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York, and one of the successful malls in the nation. The Mall opened in 1989 as A&S Plaza, with eight levels of retail, plus a food court on the ninth story. The Manhattan Mall has the largest and most democratic shoes, clothes, watches departments in the city which are well-priced and affordable for the consumers. The main store of the Manhattan mall is JC-Penny on the lower level and main level and upper floors are the home to dozens of individual retails to satisfy every shopper’s need. Some other department’s stores are Hallmarks, Men’s Apparel for Aeropostale, Express, Top gun Lather, Women’s Appale for Afaze, express, Aeropostale, Strawberry, Victory secret, Jewelry and Accessories, Footwear, Coffee, and GNC, Manhattan Mall Dental, Perfume Heaven and so on. Children’s apparel wholesaler children’s wear occupied four floors of office space above the retail. The four retail levels now take up 155,000 sq. feet of space. The foot court has been moved to the concourse level, where it can draw traffic from the subway system and the Path train network. The Food court is pretty good and it is decorated with a Miami Beach them is far from the tame. Music thumps through the dining area and one wall is dotted with light boxes and video screens streaming sports and other entertainment. The mall is neat and clean. The Manhattan mall is now features such national retails as Bath & Body Works, Bookstores, Express and Victoria’s Secret. The main entrance of the Mall is 34th street at the Herald Square subway station and the 33th street Path train station. The Mall is very convenient for the people. People from all over the country side come to the center for their jobs, for shopping and other purposes. They can easily access to the city by B, D, F, M, N, Q, R trains and buses. People from the NEW JERSY can use the Path train. The space is used for The Manhattan Mall as it is located in a very good transportation system and convenient for the people, and, they come there for their necessity.
If we consider the this space(Manhattan mall) with the busy shopping district in the city like “China Town”, “Canal Street”, or “SHOHO” in Manhattan, NY, We will observe some major differences between them. The Soho has a unique characteristic; in New York City, it is the most unique shopping area of the world. With everything from art stands on the street to higher boutiques, soho is certain to exceed everybody’s expectations. It is more crowed then the Manhattan mall. We see that people crowed only at the entrance, but in Soho, people are everywhere. It is really hard to find a space to take rest, or for refreshment like Manhattan Mall. There have some facilities for shopping in Soho which are, you can easily get some good brands like Levi’s, Hilfiger, Guess, Club Monaco, Bebe, and H&M and so on, and Those shops are very nearer to one another, which are not possible in the Manhattan Mall.
These areas are expended and urbanized for the necessary of the people. People in the city come for their jobs, businesses, shopping’s, and entertainments and for other purposes. Here, in the city, people have different religious, political, ethnic,