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NHS Supporting Statement

Question 1. Please explain how you would prioritise the following tasks and give your reasons.
I would prioritise the tasks in the following order: BCDA or BCAD depending on how short the deadline for the report is and the importance of the backlogged appointments and how long it would take to accomplish. I would prioritise the task of rebooking a patient appointment over the phone first as patients are important and should come first – the Doctor’s enquiry is not an emergency. I would let the Doctor know I was on the phone with a patient and would deal with his enquiry shortly.

Question 2. Please give an example of a time you have had to deal with a difficult situation such as a patient complaint.
Whilst working at Sainsbury’s, a customer was annoyed a certain item was not in stock. As a shop floor assistant, it was my duty to placate the customer and ensure they left the store satisfied. I politely suggested a similar, alternative product as well as give them directions to the next closest store in the area. I also called the store to confirm that the product was in stock. The customer was appreciative of the effort I had put in to ensure that they got the product they wanted and left the store with the alternative item suggested.

Question 3. Please say how you would incorporate the Homerton Values (Safe, Respectful, Personal, Responsibility) into this role.
We will do everything we can to make our services as safe as possible and create a positive learning environment.

I would incorporate this value through being open and honest, for example if I was to make a mistake by double booking an appointment, I would quickly and professionally inform all those involved and fix the error. In future, I would ensure that I took greater care and pay greater attention to detail when booking appointments so that this does not happen again.
Furthermore, listening to staff and patients alike could help to make Homerton services as safe as possible – for example, if there was a patient complaint about a spillage or possible hazard, I would forward this information to the relevant authority. This would guarantee the greatest level of safety through using feedback to improve services.

We will treat others as we would expect ourselves or our families to be treated and cared for.

I would incorporate this value by treating all staff and patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. I would treat all staff and patients equally, whilst being understanding of each individual’s needs. This could be physical limitations or cultural background, regardless of this they will all be valued and supported equally. For example, if a patient calls and needs assistance in getting to their appointment, I would provide them with the relevant services they need to ensure they can get to the hospital.

We will provide care which addresses individual needs and focuses on our patients, service users, their families and carers, and