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The story I read was Island of the Blue Dolphins written by Scott O’Dell. It was about an Indian girl, Karana, who is left on an island by herself. She has to survive by making weapons, find food, water, and stay away from the pack of wild dogs. She is stuck on this island for 18 years. It was a hard time.

She taught herself how to make weapons. She used them to protect her and to hunt and fish. Most of the years she spent on the Island she tried to catch the Giant Devilfish. She was able to catch fish and abalone but never the Devilfish. She also dug up roots to eat and found a spring to drink water.

The wild dogs were responsible for her brother’s death. Karana wanted to kill the dogs. At one point she injured the leader of the pack, Rontu. She had a chance to kill him and she couldn’t. She left him there and then a few days later he came to find her and was hanging around and wouldn’t leave. Soon after, they became the best of friends.

Before long, the Aleuts come back. In the beginning of the story they come to hunt for sea otter and promised to give a share to Karana and her village, but instead they tried to sneak away. They where watching them so they knew that they were not going to share without a fight. It started a battle on the beach and many warriors died. They came back to hunt otter again and Karana met a girl her own age named Totok. That was one of the happiest times for Karana and she was very sad when Totok had to leave. They