Night Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Elie Wiesel, 15 years of age in search of his religion. In 1944 Elie and his family were moved to Auschwitz. January, 1945 Elie and his dad were moved to the Buchenwald concentration camp Located in Weimar, Germany. While his mom and his three sisters stayed in Auschwitz and later died by execution. A tough life, no doubt about it, but through it all he had to deal starvation, the start of a tragedy and a war for all of the world. With these reasons I do not think he was an evil person.

I can’t image the pain he went through being there even when Elie was behind a cell he still manage to keep his innocence. To make a point people that is evil only show one emotion and Elie Wiesel states “ I cried because...something inside me felt the need to cry. That was all I knew.” (4). He cried because he felt the need to cry, Emotion show that he has a conscience. But an idea of why he did cry is while he’s praying he may think that his god has forsaken him and he may be questioning his religion. He has proven to be innocent all of his emotions kept him from corruption, losing his mind could bring him to the evil side.
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His faith started to fade away like the old paint on a car. He watched new and old inmates pass by wondering if he would be next all these thoughts going through his head who will go first him or his only loved one left. ‘’I tightened my grip on my father's hand. The old, familiar fear: not to lose him.’’( ). The time had cam is losing one of the most important prisoner to him, his dad. He went through suffering and pain watching everyone he loved die and be taken from him. Elie has become more skeptical and starting to think about his