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Night by Elie Wiesel

Night is the autobiography of Elie Wiesel from the time he was in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. At the beginning of the book, Elie, his mother, father and sister Tzipora are transported from their home into a Jewish ghetto. Later after spending a lot of time in the ghetto, they are crammed onto trains with many, many other Jewish people and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. Once reaching Auschwitz, Elie and his father are separated from Eli’s mother and sister whom they never see again, even after the Holocaust ended. A few weeks after staying in Auschwitz, Elie and his father were sent to a new work camp called Buna. While in Buna they had to do many difficult jobs in terrible living conditions whilst starving. At Buna, Jewish People were killed often for no reason, and many died of exhaustion or starvation. After months of torture and work at Buna, Elie’s foot is brutally injured because of exposure to the freezing temperatures. He sees a doctor and is told to rest, however cannot because the camps are being evacuated by the Nazis to avoid being liberated by the Russians. The Jewish prisoners are told to march through the freezing and heavy snow until they all board a train going to Buchenwald. People are crammed on the train by the hundred and the only thing they have to eat is the snow. Many people die on the train and Elie and his father are close to death as well. They eventually arrive at Buchenwald where Elie’s father only gets sicker and ultimately dies of dysentery between January 28th and 29th, 1945. Elie remains at Buchenwald until the camp is liberated by the Americans on April 10th. This novel ends with Elie looking into a mirror, while his corpse of a body stares back at him.
One major wish I had about this book after reading was that the ending had not been so abrupt. I feel like the action had been building up throughout the book and really climaxed towards the end, but then Elie’s father died and the ending just happened. To me, if the author had created more falling action after his father’s death, than the ending would have been more resolved and conclusive. One thing I really liked about Night was all of the beautiful figurative language used by Elie Wiesel, and how it tied in the story and connected the reader to the novel. The one passage that really got me during the