Nike- Ethical Issues Essays

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Ethical Case Analysis:



Nike was established in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. These two men were visionaries. The goal for Nike was to carry on Bowerman’s legacy of innovative thinking by helping every athlete reach their goal or by creating lucrative business opportunities that would set the company apart from any competition. This included providing quality work environments for all who were employed by Nike. However, Nike has long been eluding allegations of employing people in the developing and under-developed economies, at low wages and poor working conditions for a long time. Nike tried many different measures of correcting
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This allows Nike to clearly define their policies as well as be able to hold employees responsible should any ethical issues arise with the principles established for Nike. The UN Global Compact has helped Nike be able to implement acceptable standards in their factories. This helps decrease the child labor that is used in these countries as well as improve the standards of the manufacturing plants. It helps Nike be able to analyze the amount of accidents within a certain time frame and adjust schedules and shifts to make sure that the accident numbers are at the bare minimum.

Conclusion Nike has faced much criticism over its decisions regarding the manufacturing plants in developing countries. Experts will continue to question how Nike runs its manufacturing plants even though when we do look at Nike today, they are operating at standards that are acceptable. The Nike brand is known worldwide in practically every country in the world. It is a brand that has sustained its success. There will always be questions regarding the practices Nike is involved in. However, once you begin to analyze the company, you see the Nike is determined to continue to be successful. It has implemented its own independent audits of the foreign manufacturing plants as well as engages in events that