Nine Parts of Desire Essay

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There are many political, religious, and cultural factors that shape the lives of Islamic women many of them are completely different than factors in the lives of American women. Islam is one of the world’s fastest growing religions; however, Brooks argues that “Islam’s holiest texts have been misused to justify the repression of women, and how male pride and power have warped the original message of this once liberating faith.” The book also shows these factors have slowly been taking away women’s rights, rather than furthering them.
The specific topic of this book is the oppression of women. Its overall purpose is to understand the women behind the veils and why the Muslim women take up the hijab. The purpose is also to show how
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The practice of FGM is a sub-Saharan African custom that predates Islam and by no means has anything to do with Islam. It is a cultural practice in some primitive communities, which is gradually diminishing, thanks to the efforts of Muslims in educating the people and applying Islamic law rather than clinging to cultural practices with no foundation in Islam. Something like this would never and has never been a practice in Western societies and the fact that Muslims are doing something to end this practice shows that not all Islamic women are subjected to this.
There are many alternative ways of arguing from the same material. I think that Brooks showed great awareness for them and that is why she got her point across clearly. This is because she saw the opposite side and used her sources to still back up her thesis and the way she felt about the subject. She agrees or disagrees in a respect of asking more questions or finding out more about the situation. She just doesn’t lash out at the people in an arrogant fashion. She stays in her place and I believe that is another reason why her sources backed up her thesis and how she got her point across clearly.
However I think Brooks left out the more realistic view of the Westerners. She just went there and adapted to their way of life by wearing the veil and not stepping out of her place as a woman, except on certain occasions. Many people are not like that, I think the average