No Looking Back Essay

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College has been around for quite a while now for a long time. Not many students attend college because they can’t afford it and the ones that can end up going to community college. There are four types of financial aid, which are Grants, Loans, Employment and Scholarships each and every one of them help students to pay for college. Finical Aid is the help that the government gives in order to enroll in college depending on your income taxes. If college were to be free then taxes would raise and other people would be paying for your education or it could be the opposite you pay for someone else’s education.

College is not required for people to attend only people that want a successful future and know for sure what they want to do or become attend. If college were to be free then the government wouldn’t pay the teachers and the teachers should get paid for what they know and teach. The government also wouldn’t care about the school as much for example the school library should be up to date for students to use and because the government is paying for everyone else’s education they aren’t going to have enough money to pay for repairs and updates. Another issues would be that when something is given to you for free you don’t put as much effort because you can always go back to it since you haven’t lost anything. Just like students in Public High Schools start to slack and not care about their education because their parents aren’t paying for it and they don’t lose anything in failing expect maybe a diploma. The same thing would happen if college were to become free many students would start to slack and all the money that is being invested in the school is going to go to waste just because the students aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity they are