No Mercy Essay

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Carl Andrew Stacey
Ms.shay/Mrs. Connelly
World lit & comp.
3 Oct. 2013

Beg for mercy!

graders getting suspended and expelled because they said I’m going to get u or I'm going to hurt . Author Michael crowley writes an article about schools and there zero-tolerance rule and the effect it has on kids. Schools with the zero tolerance rule are unfair to the kids one mistake and they are suspended, expelled maybe even sent to an alternative school. This rule is messing up kids life giving them a record because they didn't know better.

Schools with the no tolerance rule don't ask why or what they just do. In Houston 12 year old eddie evans was suspended for 45 days and was enrolled in an alternative school because he left school this morning forgetting he had his 3 inch pocketknife in his pocket after putting it in his locker and leaving it there until the end of the day but a friend mentioned it to a teacher and the school called the police (Crowley 35). This proves that schools don't ask why or what they just do it was unfair to Eddie he was not going to use the pocketknife and the school did not ask him why he had the pocketknife schools don't ask they just do. Not only is the zero tolerance rule unfair to the kids it is messing up the kids life giving them a record for something small and making it big. 12 year old boy in Ponchatoula, Louisiana,diagnosed with a hyperactivity disorder,told others in a lunch line not to eat all the potatoes or “ I’m going to get