Nokia Product Design Analysis Essay

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Nokia Product Design Analysis
A Product Design Project for the new Lumia Century

Jaqui Melton Business 6110 Professor Gary Sample December 20, 2013

Nokia Product Design Analysis


Abstract Having been made project manager for the design of Nokia’s new cell phone, the Lumia Century, the purpose of this report is to provide management with an anticipated project schedule and calculated project duration. In doing this, a project network has been created; and the slack times, not along the critical path were identified. Additionally, the impact of two possible changes was investigated and evaluations were made regarding whether or not the changes would be in Nokia’s best interest to pursue. Utilizing the
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Additionally, we maintain our competitive advantage as the leader in Long Term Evolution (LTE). This fact, coupled with the honor of hosting the most 3G customers in the industry, results in our strong customer base. This customer base enhances the exposure to the end market and further enhances the market position. NSN’s market position and customer base ensure stable revenues and will also generate a favorable competitive position as it will be difficult for NSN’s competitors to replicate such market position (DATAMONITOR, 2012). Extensive Geographic Presence: NSN has a broad geographic presence, earning revenues from markets in more than 150 countries. We maintain a presence in eight regions across the globe including North America, Latin America, West and South Europe, North East, Middle East and Africa, China, India and the Asia Pacific. Such a diversified consumer base allows the company to have proportional revenue spread. According to our 2010 Fiscal Year financial report, revenue contributions included Europe (36.6% of total revenues), Asia-Pacific (23%), Middle East and

Nokia Product Design Analysis


Africa (11.5%), Greater China (11.5%), Latin America (11.7%), and North America (5.8%). Our undeniable geographical presence positions NSN to take advantage of strong growth offered across all the regions. This geographical footprint